• Welcome to Cornish hideaways, home of the tiny cottage!

    Welcome to Cornish hideaways, home of the tiny cottage!
  • Created in Cornwall, delivered to the nation

    Created in Cornwall, delivered to the nation

We handcraft charismatic Tiny Cottages as unique and special spaces.

We design, craft and build beautiful bespoke buildings for the garden and farm field

We’re based on the North Cornish coast close to Bude where we love the weather and what we do. It’s our passion to be here doing what we do best – creating high quality bespoke special spaces fit for anyone’s imagination… we call them Tiny Cottages.

We love crafting these high quality special spaces with our signature style – feather board exterior, Georgian cottage windows all under a shingle roof and finished with our special green paint. Internally we feature rooms open to the rafters, a wood-burning stove and grey painted cladding contrasting with white doors and windows.  All designed to give a homely and nurturing feel

We create Tiny Cottages for two specific uses and applications. The signature style and quality remain the same, but their usage means they’re designed to be different.

See below to find the Cornish Hideaway most fitting to your requirements - and then let’s have a conversation to start messing ideas together with bits from one joined to the other to design just what you need.  We love a challenge, although we’re still waiting on a request for a Tiny Cottage styled as a mobile boot.  It’s out there; it could be you.  Get in touch soon!

There’s more that meets the eye with these Tiny Cottages. Take a peek inside and you’ll find a fully functioning country cottage, creating the perfect escape, all year round, come rain or shine, whether it’s in your garden or a farmers field!

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Where it all began…

Cornish Hideaways began with Calum White’s desire to have the perfect creative studio space away from the hustle and bustle of home life, but it had to be so much more than just a shed.
Then came the very first Hideaway… and Calum’s mission began. Since then Calum and his team have been working hard producing bespoke, quality Tiny Houses and ultimately – turning your dreams into a reality.




Presumes to be the designer and presenter of Hideaways. Actually tea-monitor and chief barterer with suppliers. Provides everything, to everybody who needs anything to get the job done!


Rich 'The Boss'

Makes sense of all Calum’s designs and creates solutions for the unseen problems. Works out how to actually build your Hideaway and specifies call labour and material requirements. Insists on Earl Grey time at regular intervals


Nathan ‘The Grafter’

Mr Maths who sense checks all dimensions before we cut anything. This is the man who does the work of building