Field Hideaways come in many variations to meet your needs. This means planning permissions and pricing may vary, take a look below to find out more…

Field Hideaways are a brilliant addition to your land but we need to take into consideration planning restrictions.

Our friends at Sutherland Property and Legal Services have provided us with written advice that includes the following:

“It is lawful to use land for any purpose for 28 days in any calendar year and the placing of caravans upon the land for temporary holiday accommodation meets the criteria established within the General Permitted Development Order 2015. Therefore, for up to 28 days of the year agricultural land can be used for the provision of holiday accommodation within caravans without the requirement for planning permission.”

What do we mean by agricultural land?

“Basically these rights accrue to each field rather than each holding and this allows farmers to operate a field circulation approach to maximise the right”

For more information:

This means you can place your Field Hideaway on to any agricultural field for up to 28 days in any calendar year and move it between fields as long as each field is used for no more than 28 days.

Of course, you could also seek planning permission to use just one or two sites throughout the year, which is much more likely to be granted for a Field Hideaway than a traditional development because it has zero permanent footprint.

Do not fear! We will ensure that your Field Hideaway will include a planning assessment and site survey. We can answer any questions so you can fully understand all of the requirements to comply with planning law.

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