Your Home Away From Home At Home…

Garden Hideaways are beautiful wooden building designed to complement and enhance your garden with our signature style. They have a unique feeling of tranquillity, quality and style while providing extra accommodation and space away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Usually set down at the bottom they are often quiet and peaceful with a more immediate relationship to the garden than the main house. They are built to the same standards as a house, are double-glazed, fully insulated and heated, making them completely usable all year round. They can be fully fitted with all the usual domestic facilities to provide a sitting/working area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  

They are a home from home at your home!

Equally the Garden Hideaway can be simply a garden-room used as a summer house, an escape from the noisiness of living to focus on thinking, dozing and reading. It’s the perfect escape from family and friends!

Given that the Garden Hideaway is a warm, safe environment it can be used to accommodate teenagers/young people looking for independence or as an annex for elderly relatives wanting to maintain independence within a safe proximity.

Garden Hideaways also become a catalyst to downsize to a mortgage free property whilst maintaining the number of bedrooms. Visitors, especially offspring, delight in the additional privacy of being in the Garden Hideaway on their own. It could also be used as a site-hut whilst building a new house to later become a garden feature.

Could it be a new music room, hobby room, office or a studio?

The number of possibilities of having a Garden Hideaway as additional accommodation is extensive to say the least. In its minimalist state, a Garden Hideaway is just an empty room. What you do or home in it is up to you!

In any event a Garden Hideaway makes all things possible. It’s an instant solution that’s cheaper, quicker and hassle-free compared to building or converting a conventional building.

And the very best is it will enhance the value of your property should you choose to leave it behind when you move. The odds are that you’ll take it down and take it with you; you’d never leave and old friend behind would you!

So if you’re you searching for the perfect retreat and something truly special for your garden, forget the shed idea, grab your teabag of choice and go meet Calum.

You won’t be disappointed!